Hello! Firstly, welcome to my blog :). Let me introduce myself.

I’m Sonia, a mid 30 something, married, mum of two beautiful girls. My children are young and so I’ve spent a number of years working from home- which I love! I’m a law graduate, but I never went into practice, and what I do is completely unrelated to anything legal (that’s not to say it involves anything illegal-just to be clear!)

My motivation for starting this blog is to share and spread happiness. I have been a long term sufferer of anxiety and panic disorder, which I’m sure you can appreciate has made me very unhappy at times.

For a long while, I remember being unhappy all of the time, attached to this constant state of melancholy. Everyday felt stagnant, and there was this continuous underlying anxiety centered around a fear of dying before I had ever really learnt to live or felt alive.

I don’t want to bog you down with any of that though, because things in my life are so different now. I never thought they would be, and I never thought I would be able to experience half the things I do now. I am a true example of how things really can get better, and not just better-but be wonderful.

I’m hoping this blog will be a place where you can laugh, cry, feel inspired, and learn new things.

There will be posts about positivity, motivation, linked to my life coaching service (more info at http://www.focusclaritycoaching.co.uk, lifestyle, travel, family, and food (a huge passion of mine). I’ll be doing product reviews on things I love and giving you tips about pretty much anything an everything that brings joy to my life.

I’ve got parenting tips, stories, anecdotes and so much more to share with you. Join me on this journey and lets see if we can help you find your happiness too. Enjoy!

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