Fathers Day

Fathers day is such a special day in our home, simply because my girls are so lucky to have a wonderful dad.

My husband wanted children a lot sooner than I did. I could never quite prepare myself. I kept finding excuses to put off starting a family. We were married for eight years before our eldest daughter was born. Needless to say it was life changing!

From the moment I found out I was expecting, I began to see a different side to my husband, something really endearing, that made me fall in love with him just that little bit more. We both cried tears of joy when we held out baby girl for the first time, and his bond with her was as instant as mine. Once on the ward, I had showered and changed into some comfy pj’s, and I returned to my bay, to see my husband sitting on the visitors chair, with our daughter snugly resting on his chest. That image will remain with me forever, it was the moment I knew, that my childrens experience of a fathers love would be so different to my own.

My dad is not a bad dad, and I love him dearly, but he was never a very present father, always busy working, and too young to be tied down and be at home with his children. He gave us everything we needed, except maybe enough hugs and encouragement.

Since that day, my husband has shown himself to be the most loving, compassionate, funny, approachable, hard-working and encouraging father any girl could wish for. Both of our daughters adore their dad, and it brings me so much joy and contentment to witness their beautiful relationship.

I know there will be ups and downs, (I anticipate this to be especially true during the teenage years), but I hope their bond stays as strong as it is now, always.

We treated the special guy in our home to a delicious lunch at TGI Fridays today (his tastes are simple-no fuss, and lets be honest it was a treat we ALL enjoyed).

I hope you all had a great day and that all fathers, both present and absent, were in your hearts. Big Love.


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