Celebrating Milestones and Special Days.

So, Sometimes people tell me that they don’t celebrate birthdays, or special occasions because ‘they can’t be bothered anymore’ or they feel like they’re getting too old for it. To me, this is just more reason to celebrate-another year of this wonderful life! Remember its not yours forever…

Nothing brings me more joy than a celebration. I love family get togethers and spending time with my loved ones, marking special days and anniversaries with some good food and lots of laughter. The sense of nostalgia and looking back at how far you’ve come is a brilliant reminder of how life is ever-changing and evolving. Time stands still for no man (or woman). Make the most of your time, and look back on the fun you had.

I think positivity is really important in all aspects of life, and I generally try not to carry negative memories with me, no one needs that kind of baggage believe me! Life is best lived well, in good health, with happiness, love, kindness and laughter.

Of course, there are sad times and we all lose loved ones along the way, but something I learnt to do a few years ago when my grandfather passed away, is to mark the date each year by remembering all the things that made him who he was, and instead of being sad and crying, I feel gratitude for him having been a big part of my life for so long. The same goes for the other loved ones I have lost over the years. Loss is inevitable, but you can choose to be happy for the time you had with someone, or you can be sad that they’re gone. Either way, you will have to face the loss in some sense.

Birthdays are another day that I love to celebrate. My mum always made a fuss of me on my birthday and I have such fond memories of parties with games, friends, food and of course cake! I try to create the same magic for my daughters now.

Always celebrate birthdays, especially your own-I mean come on, it’s the day your unique and beautiful soul blessed the word we live in, with its irreplaceable presence. Show yourself some love and eat cake.

Yesterday was our 13th wedding anniversary, and although my husband was keen to take me out, to wine and dine me (lucky girl I am), I really wanted a quiet evening, with him and some pizza, so that’s what I got.

There is honestly so much to celebrate in life. Mark the days that changed your life and remember; everything is temporary, so make the absolute most of it while you have the chance. Above all else, be happy!

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