My Nails (Yes this is important)

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but taking time out for yourself, to do something you enjoy is invaluable. You really cant put a price on some ‘me’ time. What could be more relaxing than a bit of pampering?

I like to look after my hands and nails. As a child I was a nail biter and I would chew my nails down until there was nearly nothing left (disgusting I know). It wasn’t until I started taking an interest in looking pretty and experimenting with makeup that I realised how nails can make you feel so much better about yourself. A well manicured hand is a sign of someone who takes care of themselves. Now I feel my best when my nails are perfect.

The colour of my nails changes with the seasons, and this month I’ve got a beautiful, bright, neon pink, to compliment all the gorgeous sunny weather we’ve been having.

My Nail Technician – although it feels odd to call her that, as she feels more like a friend now- is the lovely Nish from NV My Beauty.

She does some mobile appointments, but also has a comfortable, cozy, stylish beauty studio at:

Unit 9, Chancerygate Business Park, St Marys Road, Langley, Berks, SL3 7FL

They don’t just do nails! Nish provides a variety of facial, nails and body treatments. She is fully insured, and the service is professional, friendly and you’ll always get honest advice, so no more bad beauty decisions!

Have a look at some of her work by clicking on the link above to her Instagram page, or give her a call on 07583978999. She is always willing to give you the best advice on which treatments will be most beneficial for your specific needs. Did I mention she also does hair and makeup?

My three weekly nail appointment is something I really look forward to. It keeps my hands looking perfect and lets me honest, polishing my nails to perfection is now one less things for me to worry about, and for a busy working mum that’s a huge bonus. My nails are stronger and healthier than they’ve ever been before. So what are you waiting for? Go and fine the perfect treatment for some ‘me time’ of your own.

Indulge in something that makes you feel good!thumbnail_IMG_7026


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