Face Mask Friday!

I LOVE Fridays! I think it might be my favourite day of the week.

On Fridays I have my youngest at home, as it’s not a nursery day for her. It’s our day to relax together and have some quality mummy-daughter time. Most of my weeks work is done by today and I tend to have my household chores and tasks finished too. I spend a relaxing morning with Aria, then when she goes down for her nap after lunch, I can catch up on cooking and any general leftover bits I need to do.

Fridays are also the day of my weekly face-mask. This little ritual of mine takes place once Aria is fed and changed, and is either watching a film, colouring or destroying something in another room (her activity of choice lately).

I like to use a mask that I can leave on for about 20 minutes-and during that time I do nothing else. This is my ‘me-time’ activity of the day, so I like to put my feet up and either listen to a guided meditation or read.

My go-to mask at the moment, and one that I come back to time and time again is the Clear Skin Blemish Fighting mask from Tropic Skincare. Not only does this mask smell like earthy, plant based goodness, it’s fantastic for drawing out impurities in the skin and tightening those pores. It contains Spirulina, Willow Bark and Ginger extracts, and once I rinse it off with warm water, my skin feels soft, detoxed and has a lovely glow. What more could you want from a mask? At £16 per pot it’s not going to break the bank either, and when applied correctly using a mask spatula or brush, it really does last well.

There are three masks in this particular range and they are all fabulous in their own right, but this one is perfect for my skin. In winter when my skin can feel a little drier, I alternate week-to-week between this mask and their hydrating one (the pink tub).

I get my Tropic products from the lovely Urja Patel, and you can shop the full range of products Tropic has to offer, by getting in touch through her Facebook page. Follow the link below.


There really is something for everyone and Urja is happy to answer any questions you might have.

The products use natural ingredients, which have been carefully selected and formulated by the experts at Tropic, to give brilliant results. Try them for yourself and see. Have some all important ‘you’ time. Whos knows, you might start your own ‘face mask Friday’.

p.s I also love the Tropic Body Smooth Refreshing Polish, which is an award winning, oil and sea salt based scrub. It contains essential oils and leaves skin super soft and smelling amazing!

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