My Approach to Weekends.

I wouldn’t say I live for the weekends, because since I changed the way I think and feel about life, everyday is a blessing to me and there is always something to be positive and happy about or something to look forward to. However, I do adore the weekend for the simple reason that my husband doesn’t have to go to work, and my girls aren’t at school or nursery. Weekends are family time to me. They are the perfect opportunity for us to all be together, put the week behind us and recharge our batteries in preparation for the next productive week that is already fast approaching. Don’t the weeks, months, and the year for that matter, just seem to be flying by lately?

Weekends are also a chance for us to spend time with our extended family. The girls enjoy seeing their grandparents, uncles, aunts a cousins. I’m lucky to live close by to my parents and most of my extended family. My husbands family are a couple of hours drive away, so that makes for a nice weekend getaway when we fancy a change of scenery.

I love having people over for food, and equally, love going out to eat with my husband and the girls.

This weekend my brother in law and his wife are visiting us, and Leya, my eldest is keen to take them to our favourite dessert place for gelato. It will be nice to catch up with them both.

I love weekends with a nice relaxed pace like this sometimes, when there are no specific plans and you can just go with the flow. That is something I’ve had to teach myself to appreciate, because being a naturally anxious person, and a typical Virgo, my default stance is to plan everything down to the second.

How do you enjoy spending your weekends? However you spend your time this weekend, make the most of it and do things that make you feel good. Try to surround yourself with those that radiate the kind of positive energy we all need so much.

Have a wonderful weekend, and i’ll talk to you on Monday.

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