On Friday, my husband took me to Amsterdam.

After the British Airways Flying with Confidence course at the beginning of last month, I wanted to fly again soon, to get another short practice flight in, before we take the girls on holiday.

Amsterdam seemed like a good choice, it’s a short flight, just 45 minutes from Heathrow to Amsterdam Schiphol.

We flew out on Friday evening, arriving in Amsterdam at about 8.30pm. We took a taxi to our hotel, Crowne Plaza Amsterdam South. When we booked, I don’t think we realised how far our hotel was from the city centre. On arrival at the hotel, they had kindly upgraded our room, and brought us a chilled bottle of Cava, which remained unopened. my husband doesn’t drink alcohol and I was recovering from a cold, so didn’t feel like drinking.

We decided to go straight into the city, and had a walk around, taking in all the Amsterdam has to offer- so mainly weed, lots of drunk tourists, plenty of sex shops, and of course the lovely ladies of the red light district.

We had some good pizza, and then headed back to our hotel for the night. I was really homesick and missing my girls, so was eager to get some sleep and welcome the next day.

Breakfast at the Crowne Plaza was lovely, there was a huge variety available, and they had a friendly chef making omelettes on request at the hot buffet-yummy!

After breakfast we checked out and headed back into the City. I have to say I preferred Amsterdam in the daytime, it was easier to admire the flowers adorning some of the canal bridges, and to appreciate the eclectic arquitecture which ranged from quaint to modern.

Dam Square was busy, the souvenir shops had some nice things, and I was able to get a few small gifts to bring back home. We walked around and explored, had some drinks at a nice bar in the square, and sampled some of the food on offer around the area. The Churros with Nutella, and the chips with curry ketchup were particularly good.

We went to the airport about an hour earlier than we needed to so we could relax in the British Airways lounge, and unwind a little before out flight.

Schiphol Airport is efficient, and has great shopping, but the staff-undesirable to say the least.

The flight home was quick and comfortable (Thank you BA).

I’m glad we went, Amsterdam is an experience to be had at least once, if not just to see how utterly Bizarre the city is. For me this was more just a confidence building flight. A practice for the real holiday.

I would love to hear about your experiences of Amsterdam!


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