Yesterday it was my daughter Leyas sports day. It was her first one in fact, as she had chicken pox this time last year. It was such a fun day, with lots of different races, parent participation in the form of a dressing up race, and a tug of war. Sadly, our team of mums didn’t win this -but it was good fun nonetheless.

One big difference I noted between sports day at my daughters school, and the sports days I remember growing up, was that the emphasis now was in the taking part, the teamwork and the enjoyment, rather than competition (although some parents did get a little over-zealous during their race!).

I noticed that this approach meant many less tears amongst the children, and lots of smiles all round. The key here was the encouragement and confidence building that the teachers had given the children during their practices and on the big day itself.

Each child is an individual and has different areas of strength. Some of the children were very fast, so they sprinted well, and some of the children had brilliant co-ordination, so the egg and spoon race was perfect for them. The flexible ones breezed through the spider race.

The important message I took away from today, that I hope I can continue to pass on to both my girls, is that its ok if you find some things more challenging than others. Try hard, have fun, and be proud of yourself for taking part in something and not letting the fear of failing hold you back.

Use words of encouragement for your little loved ones, and you will truly see them flourish!

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