I LOVE perfume. Anyone who knows me, knows about my serious obsession with those little bottles of gorgeousness. The great thing about perfume is that although certain scents are unmistakeable, and undeniably familiar, each one smells slightly different depending on who is wearing it.

I want to run through some (only some) of my favourites with you. These are not in order of preference

Black Opium (Yves Saint Laurent) –This delicious scent smells sexy, dark and sensual. It’s the perfect date-night perfume, and is ideal for evenings in general. I wouldn’t personally go for this during the day as its quite a deep, strong scent, but it makes me feel beautiful and confident.

Mon Jasmin Noir, L’eau Exquise (Bulgari) – This perfume is summer in a bottle. Light, citrus-floral notes that remind me of white sands and crystal clear turquoise waters. If there was ever a perfect summer holiday scent, then this is it.

Aqua Allegoria Pamplelune (Guerlain) – In keeping with the summer in a bottle theme, this scent brings a similar memory of the beach, sea breezes and palm trees, however it leans more towards the citrus elements than the floral. You would be at home in an Orange grove in Seville with this fragrance on. It smells gorgeous and a spritz or two of this on a bright day always lifts my heart.

Flowerbomb (Viktor & Rolf) – If I had to pick a signature scent, this is the one. Perfect for the day or night, it smells like you took a bath in some nostalgic baby bath from your childhood, and amped up the fragrance with some candy sweet fruit, kissed by sexy, spicy undertones. I wear this one so often the seatbelts in my car smell of it.

Coco Mademoiselle (Chanel) – Again, another perfect day to night scent and the one I always seem to reach for when I’m goin to a wedding because of it’s romantic nature. Its a sweet, subtly fruity fragrance that lingers behind you as you walk. I’m often asked what perfume I’m wearing when I’ve got this one on.

Lovely (Sarah Jessica Parker) – I love this for a day-wear perfume. When I’m going out for lunch or a shopping trip, this is what I reach for. It’s very easy to wear, not too strong, and it has light spicy notes that carry you through whatever day time activities you have planned.

Blonde Rose (Clean Reserve) – This fragrance in its simple packaging and understated, minimalist look isn’t something I would usually look for in a perfume. I like pretty, classic looking bottles full of pink or gold liquid, giving me that feeling of luxury, something really special. This is the total opposite, but it’s my winter go-to. What it lacks in design it more than makes up for in perfume. It’s strange to associate a scent with winter, but for me this is a jumper and boots kind of fragrance that I like to spritz on before heading out on a cold day. It’s a floral musk, not sweet at all, but reminiscent of flowers in the rain.

Sexy No.9 (Trish McEvoy) – This is another one for winter. The delicious blackberry and vanilla musk is perfect for cold rainy days. Although it has hints of fruit, the vanilla musk keeps it from being too sweet. Another one for those dark mornings.

Bombshell (Victorias Secret) – I happened upon this by accident. I had gone into a VS store to pick up a body lotion of theirs that I like (Love Spell), and came across a wall of perfumes. I spritzed some testers and fell instantly in love with this one. For me it’s day wear with a naughty edge, perfect for a day out with someone special. It’s floral and spicy but not overpowering.

Botanical Essence No. 20 (Liz Earle) – This is a scent like nothing else I’ve ever experienced. Its smells clean, sexy, powerful and pretty all at the same time. The pink packaging is ideal for the scents of damask rose, pink pepper,  Indian jasmine, hibiscus, patchouli and sandalwood. The woody muskiness is perfect for day or night, winter or summer alike. Its a really versatile fragrance. Love it!

Mon Paris (Yves Saint Laurent) – Alongside Black Opium, this is another evening go-to. No dinner in a fancy restaurant, or a night at an evening reception is complete without this for me. On the sweet side, it might seem an odd choice for an evening, but the slight underlying notes of woodiness make it spicy enough for the evening, and a little too heady for day-wear. This is definitely one of my ultimate picks.

I hope this little review has given you some inspiration for the next fragrance you want to try.

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