It’s ok to ask for help.

It really is.

It’s ok to reach out and ask for assistance when things are getting a bit too much.

Life can be stressful, and everyone has their own ways of managing stressful situations and periods in theirs. Some seem to take everything in their stride and others are natural worriers who feel a constant undercurrent of anxiety. However you handle stress, there are times when we could all do with some extra help.

Many of us can feel that asking for help is a sign of weakness. You might feel that you’re admitting defeat, or showing people that you can’t cope.

Firstly – not coping is ok!

Secondly – It’s a brave step to take, to put our hands up and say ‘I can’t deal with this alone’

In my opinion, having the courage to take that step and reach out is admirable. It signifies that you’re not satisfied with living in this state of stress and anxiety, because you deserve so much more. You deserve to be happy. Wanting to change things for the better, and seeking a way to make that happen, shows that you’ve discovered your self worth and you know how important it is for you to be well, for yourself and your loved ones.

Help can come in many forms, but my advice is to always make a professional your first port of call. They are best qualified for your personal situation. Asking friends and family for help may seem easier, than talking to a stranger, but I find it’s more effective when the person helping us on our journey is impartial and not passing any judgements. When people care for you deeply and have a personal connection with you, they lose some of that ability to be impartial.

Whether it’s your GP, a counsellor, a life-coach, a midwife, a tutor or mentor, you can rest assured that the advice they give you and the steps you work through together will be confidential and private, and suited to your individual needs.

If you’re struggling, don’t suffer in silence. Taking that step, and beginning on the path to changing things, will be the best gift you could possibly give yourself. Look after yourself and be the best version of you. Be healthy and happy. You’ll have so much more of yourself to give to those you love and care for.

This is your life, make it great, and don’t settle for anything less than emotional freedom, and the tools to face the challenges life brings.

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