Peppa Pig World.

As a rule, I generally avoid theme parks. To be honest they’ve never really been my thing. I’m not big on thrill rides, and even baby rides make me a little bit queasy and anxious – motion sickness is not my friend.

Our daughter Leya turned five last week, and when we had asked her what she wanted to do, in addition to the family get-togethers and party with her friends that we had planned for the weekend, her response with no hesitation at all was ‘I want to go to Peppa Pig World’. I tried to change her mind over the course of the next few days, by making alternative suggestions, but she wasn’t biting, so that was that.

I was pleasantly surprised by the location of the park itself, it was lovely, and felt like taking a drive through a little country park. The large car park had ample space, and our early arrival at opening time, meant that we were lucky enough to get a space very close to the main entrance. There were lots of turnstile entry points, so we didn’t have to queue at all to get in, which is surprising for the summer holidays.

The first thing we were greeted by was the huge gift shop. You can’t exit the park without going through it, so it’s strategically located for the children to point out all the things they wish to take home. Leya, of course, wanted to go in right away, but we managed to bribe her with the promise of a present on the way out. This guarantee was agreed to, reluctantly, and so into the park we went.

The park itself has a lot going for it, There are a number of things that make it a fun family day out.

  • It’s flat, which, if you’ve been to other large theme parks, you will know to be a rarity.
  • It’s small enough for the rides to be close to each other, so that little legs don’t get tired walking around from attraction to attraction.
  • There are lots of things to eat and drink, including sit-down café/diner style options, as well as shack/stalls selling hotdogs, donuts, ice-cream, candy floss, sweets, popcorn, hot and cold drinks and so much more.
  • The rides are fun, but relaxed and calm enough that even babies can go on most of them, with a couple of exceptions.

We had a really lovely day, the girls laughed, enjoyed the rides, ate well, and left with a gift each from Peppas huge toy store.

The rides were well managed, and we didn’t have to queue long for anything. I would definitely recommend a day out here with the kids, even if you’ve shied away from theme parks in the past.




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