Leyas Unicorn Party.

Party planning for the girls is something I really enjoy.

This year Leya turned five and she asked for a unicorn party. In actual fact, her first choice was Moana, but the entertainer who played her had recently left the company, so unicorns it was.

I booked a party package with My little princess parties.


They have various options, but the full party package works well for me, because I know the children are looked after and entertained.

I like to start planning a good few months in advance, and begin with a venue. Next come the invites, and once the RSVPs are back and I know how many children are coming I can order the tableware and party bags. This year the decorations were mostly from Pretty Little Party Shop (https://prettylittlepartyshop.co.uk/), and I went for a magical, pastel coloured theme.

I knew I wanted to get a special unicorn cake, but I looked for ages and couldn’t find exactly what I wanted, then I remembered how much my family loves Lolas Cupcakes. I went on their website and found the perfect cake.


Not only did it look great, it tasted so delicious.

My brother-in-law created a gorgeous cake table, with a pretty unicorn backdrop which he made. He’s quite the arty/crafty one in our family and the effort he put in really paid off. Thanks Guv!

The helium balloons, some large foil ones, some filled with confetti and some sparkly, completed the party decorations and we were good to go.

Sam from My little princess parties was brilliant. I knew she would be as she had been Tinkerbell at Leyas 3rd birthday party too. The children danced, played games, there was a pass the parcel, and a special wish with some fairy dust.

I tend to stick to a simple party food menu for the kids, including sandwiches, crisps, pizza, sausage rolls, fruit, cakes, and biscuits, with squash to drink and some refreshments for the parents.

Leya had a wonderful time, and she went to bed one very happy little girl, all unicorned out!

I can’t wait to start planning Arias party in a few months!


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