The first thing I want to say about meditation is that it helped to turn my life around, and really helped me to deal with a number of emotions, including, but not limited to; anxiety, sadness, anger and guilt.

Many people have said to me that they find it difficult to meditate, because they can’t seem to clear their mind.

I personally do not agree with the idea that meditation means sitting in complete silence, not thinking about anything. The ability to clear your mind completely and silence your thoughts, takes years of practice.

Meditation, to keep your mind healthy and help you to cope with the stresses and ups and downs of life, is much simpler.

I’m a huge fan of guided meditations, and have mentioned this before. I love apps like Headspace and Calm, but I also make use of the endless free resources available on YouTube. There are so many different types of guided meditations to choose from and they vary in length. My recommendation would be to start with 10 minutes a day.

You can pick meditations tailored to things you enjoy, and situations that bring you peace. I love ocean sounds, rainfall and storms, or visualisations centred around waterfalls and tropical beaches. These are the things that speak to me and bring me comfort. They help me to find my inner calm.

Find something that is right for you. Often it is a case of trial and error.

Those 10 minutes a day concentrating on your breathing and visualising yourself in your safe, peaceful place, make a world of difference to your stress levels in general.

Life is made up of good days and bad, but keeping your stress levels down helps you to think more clearly and find better solutions to any problems you might encounter. Rather than having a emotional response to each situation, you’re more able to deal with things logically when you feel calm. This is turn helps to maintain healthy, happy relationships with family and friends.

If you feel like meditation could benefit you, give it a go, it worked for me and you have absolutely nothing to lose. Happy Breathing.

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