My Birthday.

Yesterday I turned 37. Yes, I’m saying that with a smile. What a huge contrast to turning 30. I remember feeling devastated that my 20’s were over, and thinking that it was all going to be downhill. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Some of the best things in my life happened after I turned 30. We moved out of our little apartment (which I loved), into the beautiful home we live in now, and I had my two amazing children.

Life in my 30’s has definitely been different, but so much fun. The fun and laughter are even more prevalent now, since I took control of my mental and physical well-being.

So, 37, a few laughter lines, more than a few grey hairs, but nothing that some concealer and a box of hair dye cant fix.

I love birthdays, they’re so special, and I’ve been lucky enough to always be made to feel special on mine. I’m so grateful for friends and family.

The girls were at school and nursery yesterday, so it was a good opportunity for  my husband and I to have a day out together alone. We took the day off work and went into London for lunch.

I’ve been wanting to go to Cantina Laredo in Covent Garden for a while now. I follow them on Instagram and always see posts of their delicious looking food on my feed. The traffic in London was horrendous, but once we got to the restaurant, there was a conveniently located car park close by.

The restaurant itself was light and airy, with comfortable seating. Our drinks order was taken promptly, my husband only ever drinks still bottled water when we eat out, but I ordered a non-alcoholic ‘Refresco’ called Live like a local. It was delicious. It arrived in a tall glass with lots of ice and was the perfect blend of lychee, coconut and lime. They do a very good lunch menu, which has all the favourites from the main menu, so we decided to go for that. You can have 2 or 3 courses, we had two as I wanted dessert elsewhere (more on that later).

To start with, we both had the Tacos Dorados, crispy chicken tacos, with a creamy chile sauce. They were amazing, hot, crispy and stuffed with spicy shredded chicken.

We had the Guacamole Clasico, which was made fresh at our table and was full of flavour, perfect with the big bowl of tortilla chips they placed in front of us.

For the second course my husband ordered the baby back ribs with scallions and fried leeks, with a side of Papas Con Crema Y Chile Ancho, a skillet of creamy potato gratin with a spicy, crispy breadcrumb topping. My husband really enjoyed his food and said it was better than he had been expecting it to be.

I had the tacos de Hongo Portabello, tempura mushroom soft tacos, with grilled sweetcorn and a side of Frijoles Negros, black beans, with queso fresco. The food was everything I had hoped it would be, and after eating all that we were stuffed. I would definitely go back.

Once back to our car, after a short walk around Covent Garden, we headed to Westfield in Shepherd Bush, sadly not to shop today, but just to pick up a Red Velvet cake from Lolas, to cut at home later, and to get the dessert I had been waiting all day for!

Westfield has a pop-up called ‘My Cookie Dough’ and I have been dying to try their freshly baked cookie dough . It comes in a little cardboard tray, with your choice of topping and vanilla soft serve ice cream. I opted for milk chocolate cookie dough with Nutella. They have their own little seating area where you can sit and eat your dessert. It was heavenly! If you have a sweet tooth then this one is for you. They have various pop-ups across the country, so I’m sure you’re never too far from a cookie dough sensation.

My husband didn’t have any though, as he had opted for some ice cream rolls from Pan ‘n’ Ice, freshly made on an ice pan, with your choice of fruit and cream, scraped off into rolls and neatly placed into a cup-yummy.

Aster collecting the cake, we headed home- I couldn’t wait to see the girls. After we had cut the cake, my day ended the same way it always does; dinner for the girls, homework, showers and bedtime, after which I sat and folded laundry! I wouldn’t have it any other way though. Having my family is my biggest blessing from the universe. A Happy Happy Birthday to me!


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