Keeping a Journal

Some of us love to write, and for others, getting our words down on paper just seems like a far too tedious and time-consuming task.

Whilst I agree that the process of channeling your thoughts and organising them into some kind of coherency does sound like it would take up a lot of time, I feel like it would be time well spent. Also, ‘some kind of coherency’ means something that makes sense to YOU. Your journal is for your eyes only and doesn’t need to be written to an audience of any kind -unless of course you are writing your memoirs!

Thoughts can be chaotic and cause turmoil, stress and anxiety, or at the very least aggravate the existence of those things.

In order to process your thoughts and the feelings that go along with them, it can often be helpful to get them organised somehow. Writing a journal can help to get rid of the emotions that burden us, much like writing a letter to someone, with no intention of ever sending it. This is a common technique used by therapists to help clients free themselves from those thoughts and emotions that bear heavy on the mind.

In the same way that those letters are never intended to be seen by the person they are aimed at, your journal should be an honest view of your feelings, without the fear of judgement.

Once you fully understand the therapeutic and confidential nature of keeping a journal you will find how cathartic and liberating it can be. It could very well end up becoming part of your regular self-care routine. Why not give it a go and see if it works for you?

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